EUHF Championship – 2023

EUHFC 2023 results became official and final on 20 Oct 2023

Thanks to all the loyal and new plaque sponsors listed below under each category (in green).

CW/SSB – High PowerCW/SSB – Low PowerCW – High Power
Sergey Babakhin, EU1AYP8T (op. YO8XAM)9A5Y (op. 9A7DX)
Simon Sintič, S53K“9A5K Memorial” by E77DXLithuanian Radiosport Federation
CW – Low PowerSSB – High PowerSSB – Low Power
Ivo Novak, 9A1AAES7GR (op. YL3JA)Łukasz Zachwieja, SP3H
Karl D. Bučar, S52AW“E77W Memorial” by E7DX Team“E77E Memorial” by BHCC
E7DX (op. E77DX)Kaspars Uztics, YL1ZFDan Lucian Rabinca, YR9F
Ranko Boca, 4O3AGoran Krajcar, S52P/DM7AA“E77K Memorial” by E73A/9A3A

Corrections after the publication of preliminary results:
Correction #1 (15.10.2023): Fixed a minor bug in log-checking that only affected 2 stations – SN2B and R3ZZ (TNX to IK3QAR for spotting this)